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After 25 years of development, SMART series of intelligent multi-parameter universal controller has high accuracy, its unique professional design can be applied in water, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and hygiene in the production process of the most extreme physical and chemical environments. SMART Series intelligent multi-parameter universal controller has modular bus structure, highly scalable functionality, high reliability and comfortable operation.

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors: Next generation Sensors!
Factory pre-calibrated, pre-set
Online self-diagnosis function measurement status
Automatic temperature compensation
Digital signal transmission, cable length and other characteristics are not subject to influence
Connected to the controller using M12 connector,easy to connect
Save the factory calibration data, zero, slope, etc.
Save factory data: Sensor address, model number, serial number, etc.

The electrode works with a technology in 4 electrodes: an alternating current of constant-voltage is established between a primary''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s pair of electrodes in graphite. The secondary''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s electrodes in platinum allow of regulate the voltage imposed to primary''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s electrodes to reflect of the fouling. The voltage measured between the primary''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s electrodes is in function of the resistance of place and so, of the conductivity.

TDS (Total dissolved solids, the TDS abbreviation), also known as total dissolved solids, water and all solutes in total, including both inorganic and organic content. Since the organic and inorganic substances like natural molecule was contained in water generally can not be considered, it is generally referred to as the salt content of total dissolved solids.
Salinity is the amount of dissolved salts contained in water per kg, it can be understood as the concentration of salt water.
In general, the higher the conductivity, the higher the salt, the higher the TDS, indicating that more impurities contained in the water. Usually 1TDS = 0.5S / cm.
In a liquid conductor, the current through the freedom of movement of ions generated. According to Ohm''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s law: I = U / R = U * G, solution conductivity C: C = G * d / A = G * k (d for the plate distance, A is the plate area, the electrode constant k = d / A [cm-1]).
4 electrode: Through two capacitor plates is equivalent to four electrodes to measure conductivity.
 intelligent digital MEMS sensor
 sensor self-diagnostics, proactive maintenance and management tips
 sensor automatically complete all compensation and measurement algorithms
 sensor data communication bus cable up to 1000 meters
 sensor address can be set easily network expansion
 fast response sensor
 sensor IP68 protection class
 Automatic Temperature Compensation
 4 electrode / inductive sensors
 good robustness
 source water monitoring
 detection filter
 backwash detection
 factory quality monitoring
 Filter fouling monitoring
 Separation Process Monitoring
 cooling water monitoring
 detect circulating water
 sludge treatment monitoring
 aeration tank monitoring


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