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After 25 years of development, SMART series of intelligent multi-parameter universal controller has high accuracy, its unique professional design can be applied in water, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and hygiene in the production process of the most extreme physical and chemical environments. SMART Series intelligent multi-parameter universal controller has modular bus structure, highly scalable functionality, high reliability and comfortable operation.

Smart series controllers can be connected to all of the digital sensor, up to 17 parameters: PH, Redox (ORP), TDS total dissolved solids, salinity, conductivity, turbidity, suspended solids solids concentration, sludge concentration, dissolved oxygen, free chlorine, total chlorine, ion concentration, temperature, trace amounts of water, solid water, trace oxygen content, the percentage content of oxygen.
Time Saving
Multi-language menu navigation, without manual can be operated
Connected sensor M12 connector
Process Safety
4.3 "or 7" large color touch screen LCD display, safe and convenient, long-distance visible
Large screen red flashing alarm, clearly visible in the dark area
Connect sensor with M12 plug, will not cause an error
Data Record
Powerful historical data logging and real-time data curve display
History data record
Self-monitor the status of controller and sensors, reminder to service
High standards of hardware and software security


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